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The researchers concluded that EA could effectively alleviate the clinical symptoms in knee OA and its effects were superior to those of hyaluronic acid. They also concluded that EA also suppresses the secretion of IL-1, IL-6, TNF-alpha, PGE(2alpha) and MMP-3 in the knee fluid.

The neurotoxicity of two groups was compared using a questionnaire before and after treatment. The total effective rate for sensory nerve disorder in the acupuncture group was 66.7% compared to 40.0% in medication group (p< 0.05).

Smart Acupuncture Machine, longevity and Medicobot 3. Life Sciences told us that the essence of life is the essence of bio-electricity. In every second there are dozens or even hundreds of Coulomb current flow in the body in order to maintain normal body physiological function.

When it comes to improving our physical and emotional health, most of us are capable of a lot more than we think. By using a therapy like acupuncture, which embraces rather than ignores our innate healing capacity, you’re making a statement that you believe in yourself.

Reference 16. Qiu L. [Acupuncture treatment of severe leg pain in 60 cases of thromboangitis obliterans.] Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion, 1997, 17(11):677-678 [in Chinese].

The total effective rate in the combined treatment group was 66.7% (32/48), compared with 30.4% (14/46) for medication alone (p 0.05).

A randomised controlled trial that assessed the therapeutic effect of acupuncture combined with rehabilitation training on limb-motor function of 254 patients post-. The total effective rates were 93.1% for acupuncture plus rehabilitation, 89.2% for acupuncture alone and 89.3% for rehabilitation alone.

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